Apollo VCL

Apollo VCL 6.1

Apollo has everything needed to create Windows,.NET and classic ASP applications
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Apollo Embedded includes everything developers need to create Windows, .NET and classic ASP applications that manage CA-Clipper and FoxPro 2.6 DBF/Xbase database files. Developers can create single and multi-user desktop and web-based database applications using Delphi, C Builder, Visual Studio (C#, VB.NET), classic Visual Basic, VBScript and C/C that run on Win32, .NET and classic ASP .
The Apollo embedded database engine features a small 1MB footprint that delivers high-performance, low-overhead data management. Apollo applications are smaller, more robust and easier to deploy than applications developed using Jet, MSDE or the BDE. Because of Apollo's small footprint and royalty free Copy 'n Go!™ deployment, applications can be distributed easily over the Internet with no concerns for download size, configuration or licensing.

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